Knock Knock Decor has been born out of our zest for life.  We love to create warm and welcoming displays as much as planning events that honor the guest of honor and those who attend.  Contact us to deliver you next seasonal display, plan your next event or create the perfect gift for someone in your life. 

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Life is good. Being Michigan girls, we enjoy the seasons of life. Still living by a school calendar where the year starts in September, fall is where the year starts.  It might be our favorite  season as the trees start to change colors bringing the harvest moons and all things pumpkin related. School is back in session and before you know it, its Halloween! We put away the flip flops and start bundling up for football Sundays right into Thanksgiving. Grateful hearts and full bellies inspire us to serve others in need as we get ready for Christmas.  We smell the evergreen branches and pine cones.   With twinkly lights as our backdrop, we gather with loved ones around warm fires and tables of desserts.  We welcome everyone to join in on the talent shows, charades and board games and we prepare for the New Year!  Resolutions are established and we keep on truckin through the winter which usually starts to feel too long.   Good thing we have some birthday parties at this time of year and there is always someone getting engaged or pregnant.

Through February and into March and somehow we are still partying.  Spring finally shows itself and its time to switch out the sweaters for some tank tops and pastels.  We are playing and exercising more outside.  Everything is coming to life around us and as school ends and the heat really kicks up.  Its time to hit the beach and go on long bike rides. Summertime brings graduation parties and weddings and many other reasons to celebrate life until fall is back again.

Through all these good times, there is always something to celebrate.

When you want decor for something special for your entrance-way or event, contact us. If you just need someone to hear your vision for a project you are working on, contact us.  Or maybe you know you want something but you’re not sure what, let’s chat.  Maybe you know exactly what you want but you don’t have any time at all, let me know and we are happy to assist.


Sarah and Emily

Knock Knock…  Who’s there?

Sar – Em… Sar Em who?

“Sar-Em somethin’ we can create for you?!”